White Sands National Monument Book


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There's a piece of Alamogordo's history that is now available on bookstore shelves. It is a collection of historic photographs supplied by numerous people and historical organizations and begins with an introduction from Eugene Manlove Rhodes, who nicknamed Alamogordo and its surroundings "Arcadia." Alamogordo became the county seat after Otero County was created to modify the trial venue for the murder of Albert Fountain and his son Henry. West Texas ranching families moved into the Tularosa Basin in the 1880s and depended on ranching, farming, and tourism until World War II led to the creation of the Alamogordo Army Air Field (Holloman Air Force Base) and White Sands Proving Ground, the birthplace of the U.S. space and missile program. The first atomic explosion, Trinity, took place in White Sand’s northwest corner on July 16, 1945. Col. John Stapp, pioneer of aerospace medicine, rode rocket sleds at the Holloman Test Track, leading to modern automotive seat belts.Soft Cover