The Universe Explained


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This book contains answers to the most popular astronomy questions of today. Over the course of their illustrious work in astronomy, Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest collected hundreds of the most popular astronomy questions that they've been asked. In this book they explain the scientific answers to these questions with expertise and a healthy dose of humor. Below are just a few of the 185 questions they answer: What would happen to an astronaut exposed to space? Can people live on Mars? Can an amateur astronomer make useful discoveries? Why do we have leap years and leap seconds? What are the most extreme conditions life can survive? Is there an edge to the Universe? What happens inside a black hole? Is Pluto a planet? The Universe Explained answers questions about space travel, telescopes, the solar system, comets, asteroids and meteors, stars, black holes, the Milky Way, other galaxies, the big bang, and space and time. Additionally, Couper and Henbest explore the possibility of life beyond our planet with up-to-date space discoveries and debunk persistent myths and legends. The Universe Explained is a fun and informative book for anyone curious about astronomy.