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SLM-3 or Skylab 4 was the third crew to inhabit the orbiting space station, but was officially named Skylab 4 to include the unmanned flight of Skylab into Earth orbit.The mission proved man can survive and function indefinitely in space if the bone calcium loss problem could be solved.The crew performed scientific experiments lasting 1,563 hours and set a new world record for time in space, 84 days, one hour and 16 minutes.The crew achieved one of their most desired objectives, full photographic coverage of a solar flare from its beginning to its full size.They also studied the comet Koboutek for 156 hours. Total distance traveled was 34.5 million miles, a new world record.Launch Date: November 16, 1973 at 9:0l AM ESTLaunch Vehicle: Saturn 1BCrew: Commander Pilot: Gerald P. Garr, Science Pilot: Edward D. Gibson, Pilot: William R. Pogue3" diameter