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Expedition 64 will be the 64th long-duration expedition to the International Space Station, scheduled to begin in October 2020 with the un-docking and departure of Soyuz MS-16. The Expedition will consist of three crew members launched onboard Soyuz MS-17, with the remainder of the crew scheduled to be launched aboard the USCV-1 flight currently set to launch in late September 2020, the first operational flight of SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft and the Commercial Crew Program, particularly given the success of SpaceX's DM-2 mission, which ran from 30 May to 2 August 2020. USCV-1 may last for 210 days until late March, if it flies on time for Expedition 64. The mission is scheduled to end on 18 April 2021 with the departure of Soyuz MS-17.